If any of the above phrases describe how you feel as a writer, then you’ve come to the right place.

Regardless of those feelings, the fact that you’re here tells me you have a rebellious spirit when it comes to the vision you have for your book.

But maybe you…

  • Have no clue where to begin.
  • Need help with organizing your ideas.
  • Need help with staying focused and committed.
  • Feel unqualified and inadequate.
  • Are just plain stuck.

No matter where you are in your writing journey, more than anything, you want to FINISH that book.


  • Because you want your story to matter, both to you and the world.
  • Because you’re ready to take your writing to another level and maybe one day, do it full-time.
  • Because every time you think about that unfinished book, it makes you sick. 

How do I know this? Because I’ve been there.

But before I tell you about myself, let me tell you what I know about YOU.

  • YOU are a REBEL.
  • YOU were born for a PURPOSE. 
  • YOU have the POWER to change people’s lives through your words.

Want to know what else I know about YOU?

  • You have a secret goal you haven’t shared with anyone else.
  • You have what it takes to reach that goal.
  • You deserve to see ALL your dreams come to fruition.
  • And you deserve to be so successful that you can eat tacos ANY day of the week.

Here’s my point: You’ve got a book in you. A book that rebels against the walls of the box that people have put you in all your life. A book that rebels against the limitations you’ve placed on yourself. A book that rebels against that little voice in your head that says, “You’ll never finish that book.”

Well, I’m The Word Rebel, and I’m here to help you finish that book (even if you haven’t even started it yet). I’m here to tell you my mistakes and how to avoid them. To weed out all the useless information. To help you focus on your goal. To encourage you when you feel lost and hopeless as I once did. To fuel your fire and remind you how much you love writing.

Who am I?

My name is Red Reyna and I’m passionate about helping other writers rebel against the mundane so they can fulfill their dreams.

Was this always my passion?

No. I once had no passion. No goals. 

And that is how I became a statistic. 

At 15, I became pregnant and married (in that order). I had my first son two months after I turned 16 and my second son two short years after that. I spent the next two decades devoting myself to being a full-time mother, wife, and home-school teacher. And while I wouldn’t trade those years for anything in the world, as my sons grew older and neared graduation, I started to feel restless and creatively stifled (and honestly, a bit useless).

Needing a creative outlet, I began a cooking blog called The Disney Diner in 2011. This led to an online cooking show titled the same. The show was picked up by representation in 2014 and revamped as Let’s Eat Fiction! The following for this show garnered over a million views and 55,000+ subscribers.

During this time, I also (officially) began my writing career (although, I’d been secretly writing for years). In early 2012, I wrote a rough draft of my first novel (using Alan Watts’ 90-Day Novel approach). Three months later, I put the manuscript away and began researching “how to write a book”. This was a HUGE mistake. That research led me down a never-ending rabbit hole of doubt, confusion, and frustration. I began analyzing every single word I’d written, making sure it lined up with all the writing rules I’d read in one “how-to” book, only to find contradictory information in the next “how-to” book.

I felt lost and hopeless. It was now 2015 and I still hadn’t finished the book (even after 8 or 9 drafts). And then one day, while attending a writing seminar, I heard the speaker say this: “Done is better than perfect.” And something just clicked. Or as Oprah would say, “I had an AHA! moment.”

So that day I resolved to finally release my story to the world. I set a launch date and spent the rest of that year working toward it. I debuted my first novel in October 2015. 

And when it came time to write my second novel in 2016, I took everything I had learned and condensed it to only what was necessary. I was able to write, edit, and release the sequel all in the same year and am now working on the third book in the trilogy (more info can be found on my author site: www.redreyna.com ).

Since then, I’ve also written a series of cookbooks based on recipes from Let’s Eat Fiction! as well as several other books under a pen name. And while cooking has always been a hobby, it has never been my passion. And as hard as it was to make the decision, at the start of 2017, I decided to discontinue the cooking show and pursue my dream of writing full-time.

And now I want to help you do the same.


Because if a knocked-up teen with a ninth grade education can manage to crank out several novels with 5-star reviews then so can you.

There is nothing I can do that you can’t. 


Together, we can do this. We WILL do this.

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Oh! I almost forgot…thanks checking out our site.

– Red aka The Word Rebel