This is the perfect way to let your family know you’re writing and don’t want to be bothered. The wording on this mug keeps you from saying what you were already thinking.

HOW TO USE: Whenever anyone enters your writing office/dungeon to tell you something, immediately take a sip* from this mug, holding it up so they can easily read the warning. If they continue to talk to you, tap the side of the mug with your fingernails as if to say, “Are you done, yet?” They will then realize they are taking up your (precious) time and promptly exit.

*TIP: It helps if you give a little growl after the first sip.

Click HERE to get your own “DON’T BOTHER ME” MUG (also sold in white) and check out our WRITER’S SHOP for more writing-themed mugs and gifts.






-Red aka The Word Rebel


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Things Writers Want: This Mug!

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