Do you ever feel like you’re losing your writing momentum? Like the excitement of filling the page is waning? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. So, to cure this writing slump, I decided I needed a change—of scenery.

My office (half of our master bedroom) has been in the same spot for the past five years and during that time I’ve spent countless hours staring out the window, wondering if our weather-beaten backyard fence is going to collapse. And if it does collapse, will it fall inward or outward? And will the barbecue grill in front of it fall too? Because it’s teetering on two legs and one wheel. And what happened to the other wheel?

These questions all led to one answer (and a realization that I need to throw a harness around my wandering mind): it’s time to change things up.

So I spent the last few days rearranging our bedroom furniture and moving my office to the opposite side of the room, facing a wall, but next to another window (just in case I want to check on the status of that fence). Next, I hung up a corkboard and wipe board for plotting and outlining. I also invested in a new 27″ Samsung Monitor and hooked it up. Then, I reorganized my bookshelves and desk, making sure all of my office supplies were well within reach. I added a small lamp (for late night writing) and a candy dish filled with Hershey Kisses (for late night eating). And today, I finished up by decorating with a few of my favorite things: a Captain Jack bobblehead, several Funko POP! figures, a retro Wizard of Oz poster, and my vintage WWII typewriter. Then I went around the house grabbing some of the inspirational wall art from the other rooms to hang in my office (where inspiration is most needed).

And while it’s nowhere near being my “dream office” or as serene as the one pictured at the top of this post, it’s my office and it reflects my personality. And without even realizing it, over the past few days, while creating this new writing space, I found myself feeling excited again. I’m eager to wake up early tomorrow morning and get to work—writing at my “new” desk.

So, if you’ve been feeling like you’re writing has hit a wall and creativity has decided to hibernate for the winter, try changing things up. Move your office to another room or rearrange your furniture. Buy a comfortable chair or new monitor. If you can’t do that, then organize your writing area, get rid of some of the clutter. Purchase some new office supplies or something fun for your desk like a character bobblehead or geeky mousepad. You never know, the littlest thing could reignite your passion.

Tell me, what are some of your tips to keep motivated? Let us know in the comments section below.

-Red aka The Word Rebel

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