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Here’s today’s writing prompt picture:

If I were to write a story based on this image, I’d make the woman in green my protagonist. The woman in orange is her sidekick/supporting character – or is she? Maybe she’s the antagonist of our story. Maybe she’s saying passive-aggressive things to our main character. I mean, look at her. The woman in green is clearly uncomfortable. She’s not even paying attention to what her “friend” is saying. She’s focused on wherever they’re going. Her body language is rigid and she’s biting her bottom lip.

Let‘s take a look at their surroundings. They’re being driven in a nice car (See the interior details?). They both have fur stoles although our main character doesn’t seem comfortable wearing hers (she prefers the simple string of pearls given to her by a deceased mother/grandmother). She also has a less expensive dress than the woman in orange. Look at the tailoring and the way the fabrics drape and fold. Our main character’s dress is cotton while her friend’s is made of silk. I will assume the fancy car belongs to the woman in orange. She also has a rather large ring on her finger. Perhaps she married for wealth?

There‘s a gift box on the floorboard. Let‘s say they are on their way to an afternoon wedding. Perhaps the man getting married is the ex of our woman in green. Maybe that‘s why she’s so nervous. She never got over him when he left for the “big city”. She’s waited years for him to return and now he’s finally come home...only to get married in his parents’ backyard and take over his father’s business.

Our main character is heartbroken but curious. She has to know...is he still in love with her? Who is this woman that‘s stolen his heart? And can she convince him not to marry her?

I will stop here (before this turns into a full-fledged novel). Anyway, that’s my version of the story. What’s yours? Finish it in the comments section below. Have fun!

– Red aka The Word Rebel

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Wednesday’s Writing Prompt: Two Women in a Car

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