Hi there, Word Rebels.

Here’s today’s mission (writing prompt):

My mind immediately goes to a detective story. He’s looking down at a dead body (of course). The position of the sun makes me think it’s early morning. Maybe someone was walking their dog and stumbled across the crime scene.

The detective is noting the position of the body, ligature marks, etc. The mountains in the distance and the fact that he’s wearing a coat indicate that the climate is cold.

I’m going to take the liberty of assuming the victim’s body is not appropriately dressed for the weather, which means they were possibly taken from an interior location (maybe their home) and transported/dumped here. 

Also, the dog’s posture shows that he’s on high alert. Could his snout be pointing in the direction the murderer traveled when he left the crime scene?

I could go on and on…but that’s just my version of the story. What’s yours? Finish what I started and add it in the comments section below. Have fun!

– Red aka The Word Rebel

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Wednesday’s Writing Prompt: The Detective

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