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I’ve made you a list FREE apps that will help increase your writing productivity. Here they are:

1. toggl – This time-logging app allows you to create a list of projects and keep track of the amount of time you are spending on each of them. Use this app to set goals for your writing sessions and time limitations for less important activities (Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

2. grammarly – This grammar-checking app helps you become a better writer by eliminating errors and enhancing the clarity and meaning of your writing. It also has a Google Chrome extension that will check for errors written anywhere inside the browser (Gmail, social media posts, etc.).

3. Evernote – Capture notes and share with all your devices. It’s like having the same notepad with you at all times. Use Evernote to jot down ideas, lists, and/or reminders. You can even save and share images. And with the handy “search” feature, you can easily locate keywords within those saved documents (unlike flipping through page after page of a bunch of spiral notepads). 

4. Coffeetivity – If you’ve grown accustomed to writing in busy coffee shops, then this app is for you. Coffeetivity recreates the ambiance that you normally hear at your local cafe. You can even change up your day by switching between Morning Murmur to Lunchtime Lounge. And if you really want to spice up your writing, you can upgrade (for a fee) to Brazil Bistro or Paris Paradise.

5. Hanx Writer – This is a fun app (created by actor Tom Hanks) for those of you writers wanting to hear the CLACK-CLACK-TING! of an old-fashioned typewriter while using your modern day device (iPad/iPhone). The documents created on Hanx Writer can be saved, printed, and emailed. And even if you don’t use this app for writing your next novel – it’s simply fun to have!

I hope at least one or two of these free writing apps will be of use to you. Tell me, what are some of your favorite writing apps? Add them to the list below.

– Red aka The Word Rebel

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5 Free Apps to Increase Your Writing Productivity
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